Apprentice Brigade is looking to partner with government agencies on a couple of levels. At the Economic Development level we understand that investing in a program that helps residents build workforce skills has a direct link to a strong local economy. We need local investment to establish our program, and we are interested in working with city and county Economic Development departments to discuss objectives and outcomes.

One of the challenges we face is scaling our program. Teaching a cohort of ten or more apprentices is not the problem, paying their salaries and keeping them busy will have a direct correlation on how big we can scale. While we certainly hope this stimulates our professional services business to pay those salaries, we are looking at other ways to provide real world workloads to the apprentices outside of the lab environment.

Does your government agency have a need for remote helpdesk and system administration services? Do have a need for web design and development services? Do you have a need for application development or support? These are all services we can provide to you while training our apprentices, which may be an attractive supplement or alternative to in house staff or other vendors.

What other collaborative possibilities might exist? Let’s discuss.