Apprentice Brigade is looking to partner with educators for both short and long term goals. In order for us to consider an apprentice, they must meet the prerequisite criteria defined in each apprenticeship. This generally consists of technical classes offered at the community college level (or equivalent experience demonstrated by passing a skills assessment test), and serve as a foundation from which we can build upon.

We are not training entry level employees, we are curating quality talent. Our apprenticeship program varies from 1-3 years in length depending on the career path chosen and existing capability. In our experience it takes three years of on the job training to grow someone to a high level of competency and be considered to perform at the “Journeyman” level. Not surprisingly most employers want to see 2-3 years experience before hiring most staff.

Career Pathways and Bridging the Skills Gap are the longer term goals we need to solve. Collectively we must encourage students to pursue tech in middle school, prepare students for community college curriculum while in high school, and prepare students for apprenticeships while in college. Historically it’s been difficult for community colleges to support new curriculum using the traditional funding path and methods available. It’s our hope that ancillary immersive curriculum can be developed at the community colleges to help bridge the skills gap and shorten the time to market rate employment.

We are happy to provide whatever support we can to establish or bolster these career pathways. We also believe that the availability of apprenticeships, which represent employment opportunity to those without prior experience, may encourage more student to enroll in technical classes at our community colleges.

We are looking for sources of funding from educational institutions which can help complete these pathways into employment.

If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities or have recommendations for funding, we’d love to talk to you.