Linux Support Specialist

In 2017, we launched our first IT Apprenticeship program. In this first year program the IT apprentice will build from the basic skills or relevant experience learned in the foundations of the Linux operating system, and learn advanced skills in Linux System Administration, Networking, and Troubleshooting.

DevOps / Application Engineer

Building upon the previous year, in this second year program the IT apprentice will learn how to support application development teams in the unification of software development and operations. Work with software integration and deployment systems, application hosting environments, and monitoring systems.

Cloud Computing Engineer

Our third year program will provide valuable training in cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS, utilizing the many web services which are quickly replacing older methods of server provisioning. Architect and deploy complex cloud computing infrastructure used to scale modern web applications and provide maximum uptime.

Web Developer

In our first web related apprenticeship program, the apprentice will learn to develop mobile friendly websites to specification, converting high fidelity mockups into code utilizing industry standard Content Management Systems such as WordPress. More than a digital business card, websites are an important marketing tool most businesses rely upon to grow. Web development in an excellent entry level tech career, providing a pathway to more complex application development.

Front End Developer

Building upon the Web Developer Apprenticeship, the Front End Developer will learn advanced skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These technologies are the foundation of modern web applications, providing desktop application usability on the web. Beyond advanced websites, Front End Developers build many of the web applications you use on a daily basis.

Application Programmer

Also known as a Back End Developer, this apprenticeship focuses on the server side programming platforms which interface with databases, and provide Application Programming Interfaces (API). In modern web applications the API is the demarcation point and abstraction layer between the Front End application which runs in the browser, and the underlying data and logic on the server.

Data Scientist

Well into what we know as The Information Age, we collectively sit on massive amounts of data we can gain valuable insight from. Companies large and small are looking to leverage their own internal data using the emerging Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Tools available. Part Database Administrator and Data Warehouse Specialist, the Data Scientist is responsible for aggregating data from multiple sources, writing data models, and performing statistical analysis of the data.